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Okay what is #BabyPlay. Well it is a channel on Webnet IRC where Infantilists can Chat and Play
This channel was started by a group of people that wanted a place where Adult concerns could be discussed in a Mature manner. While still allowing Playing on the channel

The Channel is run by the op's (Channel Operators) they all have a say in what the channel rules are. So hopefully the channel will become a place that everyone is comfortable to come and visit

One of our Main Rules is to be Patient and Tolerant of new comers. This of course in no way means we will put up with mean spirited abuse but, if you make a mistake we will not kick you without warning instead we will do our best to help you to adjust to this form of chat or even explain what an Infantilist is. So if you decide to visit just say "hi, I am new here" and someone will come to your assistance and help you out

If you need help to get on to IRC there is a help section on the mircS.gif - 18756 Bytespage you can also use a Java Client to Access IRC though it isn't as good as mIRC or the other IRC clients out there. You will find a Java Client at the Wetone home page that connects to Webnet.

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