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Are you Good Mommy/Daddy? Take this quick quiz and find out!

# 1 your baby is wet...

a. pin another diaper over the wetone

b. yell at them to wait and go back to watching TV

c. immediately change him/her

d. wait for a nasty rash to develop

# 2 Before giving baby there bottle of milk you..

a. hold the bottle just out of the baby's reach, teasing them

b. shove bottle into babies mouth with out testing it and then sit down to watch TV

c. test the temp of milk on wrist

d. warm up bottle in microwave until nipple expands then give it to baby while still bubbling

# 3 When changing your baby you...

a. use ben gay accidentally instead of desitin

b. forget to take the old one off cause you to interested in the TV

c. pull out a downy fresh clean diaper, apply lots of powder and pin it snuggly then

pat the little bottom and say.."there, my baby's allllll clean"

d. bind and gag him/her first

# 4 Your baby wants to be picked up you...

a. write there name and phone number on the bathroom wall of Toys R Us

b. refuse as he/she would then block your view of the TV

c. drop everything else and pick them up and give them a hug

d. pick them up and place them outside and tell them to go play in traffic

# 5 When giving your baby a bath you...

a. forget he/she is in the tub when you toss out the bath water

b. leave him/her to soak in water like a prune until TV show is over

c. gently wash and play with him until he is all clean

d. put Draino in the tub instead of bubbles bath

# 6 The baby toddles into the living room with a nappy on their head: you...

a. stick the dummy in his bum

b. tell him/her to sit down as the diaper on his/her head is blocking your view of the TV

c. remove the diaper from his/her head and place it on his behind

d. slap his butt and place a dirty diaper on his/her head instead

# 7 When your baby is hungry you...

a. stuff toy bunny into a pot and feed baby toy bunny stew

b. give him/her a frozen TV dinner to suck on

c. make from scratch his/her favorite meal

d. feed him/her the left over sour milk and moldy bread

# 8 When your baby wants to watch TV you...

a. let him/her watch "teletubbies" and be totally confused

b. say No! as you paid for the TV so you get to watch your shows

c. sit him/her in front of TV and watch his favorite shows with him

d. tell him/her there no more Cartoons as a Cereal killer has killed them all off

# 9 When your baby gives you his Christmas list you...

a. accidently lose the list, so you wrap up some of his/her old toys figuring he/she not know the difference

b. order the first two things you see on the Home shopping channel for him/her no matter what it is

c. you try your best to get him/her everything on the list

d. tell him/her Santa got run over by a reindeer

#10 what phrase best describes your feeling of Babies...

a. Babies? ooh is this quiz about babies?

b. they are real funny on TV

c. total little angels that need lots of hugs and kisses

d. only someone crazy would have them sticky little people under foot

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