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Are you an HNG (Horny Net Geek)? Take this quick quiz and find out!

# 1 When you enter a chaannel

a. you immediately ask "any hot chicks in here?"

b. you immediately private message a/s/l or r u m/f

c. you say hi everyone

d. you say nothing and sit and stare at the screen

# 2 You go to IRC to

a. Trade and fserv pic's

b. locate presidential interns

c. To meet and chat with new friends

d. To sit and stare at the screen

# 3 When you see a female nick, you

a. ask for her picture and nuke her if she wearing clothes

b. offer to dcc your pic

c. Politely say hello

d. Fantasize about her, but say nothing and just stare at the screen

# 4 When your Diaper needs to be changed

a. you announce it to channel and beg a Mommy you not know to change you

b. you private msg all females in channel and ask them to change you

c. you say brb and then go change yourself in private

d. you Fantasize about the girls on channel changing you, then just sit

and stare at the screen saying nothing

# 5 You pick a nickname that

a. describes a private part of your body

b. describes a sexual act

c. describes youself as closly as possable

d. describes some fantasy, and you just sit and stare

at the screen saying nothing

# 6 when a female nick asks you to stop private msg'ing her

a. Flood her off the channel

b. Berate her on the open channel

c. apoligize and respect her wishes

d. Since you never talk on IRC and just stare at the

screen this Question dosen't apply to you

# 7 When a newbie asks what it means to be "fingered"...

a. you give a graphic explanation of your experience at being fingered

b. you imediatly ask them to meet you so you can show them

c. Tell him it is to get the info from your client

d. Fantasise about being finger, then just sit there and stare at screen saying nothing

# 8 When a Mommy enters the room...

a. you ask her what color undies she is wearing

b. you describe in detail the mess you made in your diaper

c. you say hi and act totaly inoccent

d. You say nothing and fatasize that she is your mom and stare at the screen.

# 9 When you see a new Baby girl on channel

a. you immediately change her diaper descriptavly in the open channel

b. you do an obscene popup

c. you say hi and welcome her to channel

d. you fantasize she is alicia silverstone in a diaper and sit there

and say nothing and stare at the screen

#10 Besides IRC, my favorite activity is...

a. makeing obscene phone calls

b. sitting at a construction site a doing wolf calls at women as they walk by

c. Living life to the fullest

d. Sitting and looking at my Blank screen saying nothing

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