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Are you a Naughty Baby or a Sissy Baby. Take this quick quiz to find out

# 1 When Mommy/Daddy Calls you over

a- I run over to her quickly

b- I tell her I am busy

c- I run and hide

d- I call 1-800-AB-ABUSE

# 2 When noticing a box of crayons, do you...?

a- I eat them

b- I draw on the couch

c- I tell Mommy/daddy someone left them out and put them back

d- I leave them alone

# 3 when someone is bouncing on the couch

a- I try to jump higher than them

b- I pull the couch out from under them

c- I flash my plastic pantis to everyone

d- I go and tell Mommy/Daddy that they are bouncing on the couch

# 4 When there no mommies or daddies around
and one comes into the room...

a- I tell then all the bad things the other babies did

b- I hide behind the couch

c- I make up stuff if the other babies haven't been bad

d- I blame all the destruction on the other Babies

# 5 When in need of a diaper change...

a- I run to the firast Mommy/Daddy I see asking for a change

b- I remove the diaper and toss it at other babies

c- I find the nearest baby and sit on him letting him get the

full extent of your condition

d- I act totaly inoccent and point at other babies as the

cause of the odur

# 6 when finding a bag of uneaten cookies

a- I would share them with everyone

b- I would hide behind couch and eat them all myself then wipe

the crumbs from my chin, innocently say "what cookies"

c- I would start stuffing them down the other babies diapers

d- I would run and give them to Mommy/Daddy

# 7 When a Mommy or Daddy threatens to spank..

a- I would hide a book in my diaper

b- I would point out how bad the other babies where compared to me

c- I would pull out rusty Halo and polish it up

d- I would start to cry and beg for mercy

# 8 When another baby is getting more attention:

a- I stand in middle of room whining that no one paying attention to you

b- I go over to the attention stealer and slug him with toy truck

c- I plant stolen bootie on the attention graber, then draw attention

to the fact he stoled stuff

d- I flood channel with pop ups ruining the fun for everyone else

#9 When my bottle is empty:

a- I use it as a missle and toss it at another baby

b- I sit in middle of room and cry untill momy/daddy refills it

c- I grabs another babies and suck on there's

d- I blush when saying " boy that juice runs right through you"

#10 when another baby is bad to you...

a- I pour paint over them

b- I run and Tattle on baby to Mommy/Daddy

c- I get out fix all tools and fix them good

d- I sit and cry my eye's out

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